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OMG! I cant wait to do it again... Go Party Tours

I just wanted to take the time to write a review about this company (They deserve it). I was impressed from the very start. My rep James was helpful on the phone, we talked for almost an hour before setting up my bachelor party lol. We arrived to check in at the Hard Rock Cafe...Bam...Our crazy fun night began! It's a bachelor party so i cant say much more (wink wink)
What i can tell you guys is this company rocks! They knew our names... knew what we where celebrating... Heck.. my host even knew my favorite drink! Class act all the way, I'm a local and you will be seeing my face again! Well played Party Tours...Well played!

Kenny K.


A Night to remember

My girl and I don't get out to much this was our first vacation together and we didn't know where to start or what to do. I saw party tours on you tube and they looked like they knew how to have a good time. They did! we had so much fun were doing it again! We got special outfits just for this affair last year because we couldn't wait to get back. This is one of the main attractions to Vegas for us. We drank good we were v.i.p. all night and we felt like rockstars! I recommend this for anybody its an experience of a lifetime and it was very affordable looking forward to seeing you all this summer

Justin E.


Only Way to go Clubbing in Las Vegas

As a local I thought I knew all means of clubbing in Vegas, boy was wrong! We hit 3 banging clubs, but the best club of the night was the bus. Our host poured strong stiff drinks (no water downed drinks) the music on the bus was great, All around a great night, will be doing it again...soon :)

Mary S.


Party Tours is the Only Way to Party

My girlfriend and I used Party Tours during our first trip to Vegas in February and couldn't have asked for anything more.. Our tour guide, Matt, kept the drinks strong and mighty ... walked us right into each club as promised.. stopped by the sign for pics... for a couple whose never been to Vegas we sure felt like superstars that night and would do this every time we return !! Kudos to Party Tours, keep up the great work !!

Jimmy G.


Fun Night Out

Great Time on the Party Tour. Definitely worth it if you are a group of guys/girls. Free drinks on the bus between clubs. The host Jason made the entire night. Will do again!

Larry D.



The BEST way to have a killer night on the strip!

We went out to celebrate our friend's birthday in late February. Matt was our gracious host and took GREAT care of us. I don't think there was ever an empty cup on the bus during our rides to and from the clubs. If you're wanting to visit a few clubs in one night, there's no other way to do it, than with Party Tours. They'll bring you right to the door and see that you all get right in. We never had wait in line. From the time we first got on the bus until we left the last club of the night, the party never stopped. We had a killer night with a bunch of awesome people, and it was all thanks to Party Tours here in Vegas!

Cody K.



My 40th Birthday Party...EXCELLENT!!!

The party bus was an excellent choice for my 40th birthday party celebration. The staff from the tour did an excellent job making sure the ratio of guys/girls was pleasant for everyone. There were about 20 ppl or so on the bus and 4 from my group. Having the alcohol on the bus was good, but when you're dancing and going over the speed bumps in town it was hard to enjoy the drinks. But who cares, the whole experience was great and I can't wait to do it again. I'm in Vegas at least every 2 months and I promise I'll add this experience on every Vegas trip so my friends can experience this. By passing the lines was great! Two clubs we went to the line was extremely long and we just eased our way passed them. Love the tour and like I said, EVERYONE SHOULD EXPERIENCE IT!!!! You will not be disappointed.

Kevin M.


Great way to experience nightlife!

One thing I wanted to do in Vegas was check out some nightclubs and do some dancing but we weren't sure about getting in, paying cover charges or buying expensive drinks. Party Tours turned out to be a great way to go. We had an awesome time and met some interesting people. Of the club tours available I'm glad we chose this one. And they gave me a great deal, all I had to do was ask!

Jennifer L.


A must-do in Vegas!

This tour is AWESOME! I would say the party bus is the only way to hang out on the strip in Vegas and Matt was the best host! He took care of the group like we were family and made sure we all had a great time! Great atmosphere on the bus with bumping music and awesome acoustics. Oh and don’t forget the drinks! We met some great people on the bus and shared a lot of laughs together! Can’t wait to see the pictures Matt took and hopefully those others took as well. We will be hanging with Party Tours again on our next trip to Vegas for sure!

Jen S.


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